Do you want to buy a souvenir from Finland to your friend? Order the best gifts from Jäskepuu webshop.

All our Finland theme souvenirs and presents are manufactured from highest quality materials, such as Finnish wood cultivars, reindeer antlers and soapstone. Needless to say, all our materials are ecological and natural, and all our products are hand made, either in our carpentry workshop in Espoo, Finland, or in Ylitornio, Finland, where all our reindeer antler products originate. 

Reindeer antlers as raw material

Reindeer is a domesticated yet wild-grazing deer species native to Northern Finland, among other Northern territories. Reindeer antler is a natural product, as all male reindeers shed their magnificent antlers every year and grow new ones, even bigger and more imposing, every next summer. Females lose their antlers after they have calved. 

The shed antlers have always constituted a valuable source material for tools for Nordic tribes and populations. Jäskepuu's collection of reindeer antler goods consists of keyrings, fridge magnets, bottle openers and drinking cup handles. The reindeer antler goods can be ordered with various carvings and logos. What could be a more natural and a more organic gift than this? 

The Guksi as a souvenir

A guksi, or in Finnish kuksa, is a traditional wooden drinking cup, originally manufactured by the Sami people in Scandinavian and Finnish Lappland and used by the reindeer herds and nomadic tribes since ancient times. Guksis are most often manufactured from birch burl, a deformed wood bulb in the birch tree trunk. The birch burl is a sturdy material and a guksi made from birch burl lasts a lifetime, when maintained in a correct manner. And it is very easy: after a cup of coffee or a cold drink, the guksi is rinsed with water and dried, and no cleaning liquids are used. 

Jäskepuu's webshop contains a collection of multiple guksis with variable sizes and brandings. This is a perfect gift for your outdoor enthusiast friend, since guksis are often used by trekkers and hikers as drinking cups. Our guksis are equipped with leather straps, with which they can be fastened to a backpack or a rucksack. You can add a personalised carving, for instance the recipient's name in the side of the guksi, when placing your order. 

Fridge magnets and other small gifts 

Magnets for refrigerator doors are classic gifts for every occasion: easy to buy and to bring with you and especially fun to give as a present. They are always useful and make the kitchen more colourful and happier. Jäskepuu has a wide collection of fridge magnets, available also with personalised carvings or brandings. Everybody needs fridge magnets, so order yours from us.

Nice and beautiful Finnish goods for sale

When bying or receiving a souvenir or a gift from another country, the mental images and memories carry you back to the travels and reminiscent from far away lands. Delight your friend or your relative with a memorable souvenir from Finland and place your order now – Jäskepuu webshop has the best gifts and presents to every occasion. 

Round pot coaster (juniper, size S)


Round pot coaster (juniper, size M)


Round pot coaster (juniper, size L)


Round pot coaster (juniper, size XL)


Pot coaster "Helsinki Finland" (juniper)


Juniper butter knife "Finland" (size S)


Juniper butter knife "Finland" (size L)


Bread plate "Helsinki Finland" (black alder)


Bread plate "Helsinki Finland", 4 pcs set


Bread plate "Finland" (black alder)


Bread plate "Finland", 4 pcs set


Juniper butter knife "Reindeer"


Black alder butter knife "Reindeer"


Schnapps mug (soapstone)


Beer tankard (soapstone)


Fridge magnet "Helsinki Finland"


Fridge magnet "Reindeers"


Fridge magnet "Finland"


Guksi "Finland" (from birch burl, size L)


Guksi "Finland" (from birch burl, size M)


Mini-guksi for schnapps (birch burl)


Corkscrew (made from reindeer antler)


Bottle opener (reindeer antler, size L)


Keyring with logo


Keyring (reindeer antler)


Necklace (reindeer antler)


Pot coaster "3 fish" (black alder)


Pot coaster "3 fish" (oak)


Pot coaster "4 fish" (black alder)


Pot coaster "4 fish" (oak)


Pot coaster "5 fish" (black alder)


Pot coaster "5 fish" (oak)


Juniper butter knife "Heart"


Black alder butter knife "Heart"


Business card holder "Finland" (curly birch)


Business card holder "Helsinki Finland" (curly birch)


Double pen casing "Finland" (maple)


Double pen casing "Helsinki Finland" (maple)


Guksi "Finland" with reindeer antler handle (size L)


Guksi "Finland" with reindeer antler handle (size M)


Single pen casing "Finland" (maple)


Single pen casing "Helsinki Finland" (maple)