The Finnish sauna culture is a national treasure! Get your accessories to the sauna and the bathroom from us.

The Finnish sauna culture with its peculiarities is a definitely a thing every visitor should get acquainted to. It starts with a sitting in the hot room, water being thrown on the hot sauna rocks. Hot steam forms, and it feels almost overwhelming. Then a dip in the lake, or during the winter, a quick snow bath (yes, we know how weird yet enticing that sounds!), and back to the heat. If you have access to some birch leaves, you can tie a traditional sauna whisk, which is then used for spanking ones back. It does improve blood circulation, and afterwards you feel relaxed and invigorated. By the way, did you know there are over three million saunas in Finland, one for every two residents. 

Wooden accessories for the sauna

It's important to have nice accessories for the sauna. The beautiful wooden water buckets and water ladles by Jäskepuu contain exactly the right appearance: they look traditional and heart-warming in the sauna decor, yet they also have a more important mission. Wooden sauna accessories don't overheat in the hotroom unlike plastic containers or metal vessels, and they emit a mellow, earthy scent in the sauna – a smell you definitely want in your hotroom, as it makes the session so much more memorable and you definitely feel closer to the nature.

The Jäskepuu collection of sauna accessories include ladles and water buckets made from the finest Finnish wood materials, birch and pine. They birch-made sauna accessories have a more ethereal appearance, while the pine-made accessories bear a more strudy shade. You can choose, whether you want your ladles and buckets with a surface coating, made with tar. The coating renders the item slightly darker and tarring also emits a nice tar scent in the sauna. 

A Finnish sauna accessory is a perfect home decor product, yet it also works great as a home-coming gift or a housewarming gift. You definitely want to bring a set of sauna accessories to your friends who are inviting you for a weekend at their summer house. 

Sauna elves are watching you

The Finnish folklore includes a lot of sauna-related stories. The Finnish myths revolve around the Nordic nature and especially the forest, and sauna has always played a big part in both environments. The forest has provided raw materials for both building the sauna cottages and for heating them, and the sauna has provided its warmth to the bathers during the harsh winters of the past times. Thus the sauna has many guardians, the sauna elves, bringers of good fortune. We at Jäskepuu have reconstructed these funny little creatures as wooden sculptures. Place the sauna elves on the sauna window and they will peacefully guard your sauna sessions.   

The sauna is inherently a part of every Finnish weekend, festivity or free-time pastime. They even tend to heat the sauna during weddings and birthday parties! Get your beautiful sauna accessories from us and be prepared for some relaxing sauna sessions.