Perfect ideas for home decoration or as business presents! Check out Jäskepuu's selection and place your order.

These items make your everyday life at home easier – and of course flashier! Our Nordic design wood products look great in home decor and in the home office. A wooden product, possibly branded with the recipient's name, is a prestigious gift for a business partner or a trade partner. 

Ink pen (curly birch)


Pencil (curly birch)


Single pen casing (maple)


Double casing for two pens (maple)


Paper knife, rowan


Business card holder (curly birch)


Rectangular box (size S)


Rectangular box (size M)


Rectangular box (size L)


Rectangular box (size XL)


Juniper chest (size S)


Juniper chest (size M)


Juniper chest (size L)


Hexagon-shaped box (size S)


Hexagon-shaped box (size M)


Guest book, size L (curly birch)


Business card holder "Finland" (curly birch)


Business card holder "Helsinki Finland" (curly birch)


Double pen casing "Finland" (maple)


Double pen casing "Helsinki Finland" (maple)


Guest book, size M (curly birch)


Single pen casing "Finland" (maple)


Single pen casing "Helsinki Finland" (maple)