We have a wide selection of variable pot coasters and trivets, perfect for your kitchen and for your home decor. Finest Nordic design – read more and order!

Pot coasters are always needed around, and it seems you can never have too many of them. You need variable-sized pot coasters, and sometimes also different shapes. Round pot coasters for kettles, rectangular for oven trays and casseroles. We at Jäskepuu have heard your wishes: our selection of pot coasters vary in size and shape. 

All Jäskepuu pot coasters are made from Finnish wood materials. The two main woods we use for pot coasters are juniper and black alder, both noble materials with top-notch workability.

Trivets as Nordic design

A beautiful pot coaster puts the finishing touch into the table decoration, and of course pot coasters are also essential kitchenware. Our pot coasters represent the finest Finnish and Nordic home decor design. They are simply wonderful to look at. And when you don't use your pot coasters, they can be stowed away and hung up on the wall. 

Our pot coasters are finalized with utmost attention to detail and branded with typical Finnish imagery, such as fishes or reindeers. These details transform our pot coasters to perfect souvenirs or home-coming gifts. You can also individually name-brand a pot coaster of your choice.


Juniper pot coaster (sized S)


Juniper pot coaster (sized M)


Juniper pot coaster (sized L)


Juniper pot coaster (sized XL)


Juniper pot coaster with hanging loop


Pot coaster "Three fish" (black alder)


Pot coaster "Three fish" (oak)


Pot coaster "Four fish" (black alder)


Pot coaster "Four fish" (oak)


Pot coaster "Five fish" (black alder)


Pot coaster "Five fish" (oak)