Order genuine reindeer antler products from Lapland. From home decor to design to home accessories – straight from the Northern wilderness. 

Our variety of reindeer antler products contains home decor items as well as accessories and jewelry. The reindeer antler as a manufacturing material stems from the Lapland, where reindeer graze freely around the tundra. The male reindeer lose their antlers every year, only to grow an even more impressive set of antlers the next summer. The female reindeer lose their antlers, when calving. This makes the reindeer antler a totally pure, super-ecological manufacturing material. Horns are never found on reindeers, as horns are a keratin-coated and  bone structure found on bovines, such as cows and sheep. Unlike antlers, horns are never shed and grow throughout the animals life.

The reindeer antler is a sturdy material, and items manufactured from reindeer antlers retain their shape and last a long time. Disclaimer: every single reindeer antler item has an individual look, and the delivered item doesn't necessarily resemble the item in the picture. 

"Moose" Bottle opener (reindeer antler)

12,20 €

Bottle opener (reindeer antler, size L)

17,90 €

Bottle opener (reindeer antler, sized M)

12,90 €

Bottle opener (reindeer antler, sized S)

7,20 €

Corkscrew (made from reindeer antler)

7,20 €

Guksi "Finland" with reindeer antler handle (size L)

64,90 €

Guksi "Finland" with reindeer antler handle (size M)

57,90 €

Guksi with reindeer antler handle (birch burl, size L)

68,90 €

Guksi with reindeer antler handle (birch burl, size M)

57,90 €

Keyring (reindeer antler)

4,00 €

Necklace (reindeer antler)

5,20 €