Check out our selection and buy your outdoor and hiking products and accessories from Jäskepuu webstore. 

We in Jäskepuu are fascinated by the Nordic landscapes and the wonderful Finnish forests and lakes, and we draw  inspiration from this pristine nature when manufacturing our products. You can thus find a wide variety of intriguing outdoor and hiking products in our webstore. We simply don't lift ideas from the nature, we also make tangible and easily accessible products for all outdoor lovers and hiking enthusiasts.

Guksis for everyone! 

For instance the Jäskepuu guksis are a product line of both practical and esthtetically pleasing wooden mugs. The guksi is a traditional Nordic drinking mug, originally devised by the Sami people, indigenous to Lapland. The guksi, in Finnish "Kuksa", is a handy and easily maintained drinking mug, which is also super easy to be carried with you among your other hiking equipment. You simply cannot overlook the feeling you get, when enjoying a cup of freshly cooked coffee from a guksi in the middle of the nature. There's a bit of Lapland magic right there!

All natural materials 

All products by Jäskepuu are made from natural and ecological materials, as the Finnish nature offer an abundance of the most pristine manufacturing materials. For instance our guksis are hand-carved from birch burl, a tree growth in which the the tree grain itself has grown in a deformed manner, forming round-shaped burls in the trunk of the tree. The wood products carved from a burl have a beautiful appearance. Thus the burl is a much sought after material for wood sculptors and furniture carpenters. The burl is also the essential material for Lapland guksis. All other wood materials which we utilise are also among the plentiful in Finland: Juniper, oak, alder and birch! The wood as a manufacturing material is high in hygiene, has a mild and pleasant scent and pleases the eye with its stark beauty.

Small helpful items for your hike

The Jäskepuu webstore has also a variety of your everyday hiking accessories for sale. For instance imagine a situation where you get slightly lost in your nearby nature destination. Nothing to worry about, but maybe a cup of coffee would work its magic while you contemplate your way out from the forest. The help is near: Just use our hikers survival set to carve some firewood and make a fire on which you can cook your coffee. It is these small items which make hiking and trekking so much more fun.

Spending time outdoors is healthy

Spending time outdoors is more popular than ever, and it is also healthy for you. It refreshes the body and the mind, and you get much needed fresh air and an escape from the urban sprawl. The outside air enhances your immune system and strengthens your heart and respiratory system. The beauty of the surrounding nature pleases the eye and relaxes the brain. Get your guksis and outdoor accessories from Jäskepuu and head out in the nature. It is definitely worth it!