Finnish wood is the optimal material for your kitchenware and accessories. Go through these beautiful kitchen utensils and place your order.

Kitchenware, made from Finnish wood, is one of the most popular product categories Jäskepuu has to offer. There are utensils available for your home kitchen as well as for the summer house kitchen. And needless to say, wooden kitchen utensils make for a perfect gift for a friend.  

The most common materials for our kitchenware are Finnish juniper, black alder and rowan. Utensils manufactured with these materials last a long time, and have a mild, pleasant scent of the woods. And of course they look fabulous in home decoration and in the kitchen!  

Finnish wood instead of plastic – an easy choice

One of the great questions in home cooking: should you choose a wooden kitchen utensil or a plastic one? When it comes to cutting boards, the answer is simple. Wooden cutting boards are slightly harder to clean, but that is where the downsides end. Statistics show, that wooden cutting boards are more hygienic (yes, wood does have some antibacterial attributes) and have a longer life, when maintained properly. Always wash your wooden cutting board from both sides by hand, never place your wooden cutting board in an electric dishwasher. The wooden board also keeps your knives sharp. 

And of course Finnish wood is an eco-conscious choice. When you use wooden kitchen utensils, you are part of the greener future and consumer choices.

Be your own top chef in the kitchen with wooden utensils

Top chefs and cooks around the world praise wooden utensils. First of all, wooden utensils, such as spoons, spatulas and forks, don't scrape your pots and pans. They also don't omit any off tastes to the cooked dishes. Acidic dishes such as tomato sauces, mustard or vinaigrettes, react to metallic utensils, so you better use wooden utensils to stir these dishes. And same reasoning applies to avoiding plastic utensils: even though they might seem easier to clean, they also might scrape your pots and pans, they are definitely less environmentally friendly and they might be poorer in hygiene than your average wooden utensil. 

The Jäskepuu selection of wooden kitchen utensils includes spatulas, spoons, forks, salad servers and butter knives, as well as many variable cutting boards, pot coasters and bread plates. Browse through our selection and find the most interesting wooden items to you. 

Finnish wood as home kitchen decor

Wood is the earthly home decorator's choice. Wooden home decor looks intriguing and brings a nature-conscious quality in your home. Jäskepuu's selection of wooden kitchenware brings also gift ideas into mind: a wooden kitchen utensil is a nice souvenir from Finland, and it also works great as a home-coming or a house-warming gift. What about the difficult situation, when you are being invited to a friend's summer house for the week-end and you've got no ideas for a present for the hosts? Not a problem – a wooden kitchen utensil is the perfect gift: beautiful, prestigious and eco-friendly!

Juniper pot coaster (sized S)


Juniper pot coaster (sized M)


Juniper pot coaster (sized L)


Juniper pot coaster (sized XL)


Juniper pot coaster with hanging loop


Cutting board large, tarred alder


Cutting board (juniper, sized L)


Cutting board (juniper, sized S)


Butter knife (juniper, sized S)


Butter knife (juniper, sized L)


"Classic" Cheese slicer (juniper)


"Moose" Cheese slicer (juniper)


"Reindeer" Cheese slicer (juniper)


"Moose" bottle opener (juniper)


Ladle with even scoop (rowan)


Ladle with wider tip (rowan)


Ladle (rowan)


Big ladle with hanging loop (black alder)


Pot coaster "Three fish" (black alder)


Pot coaster "Three fish" (oak)


Pot coaster "Four fish" (black alder)


Pot coaster "Four fish" (oak)


Pot coaster "Five fish" (black alder)


Pot coaster "Five fish" (oak)


Honey spoon (rowan)


Honey spoon (birch)


Salad servers 1 (rowan)


Salad servers 2 (rowan)


Bread tongs with magnet (rowan)


Bread tongs (rowan)


Kitchen tongs (rowan)


Spatula (rowan, sized S)


Spatula (rowan, sized M)


Spatula with picture (juniper)


Pot watcher


Bread plate (black alder)


Bread plate, 4 pcs set (black alder)


Cutting board for bread


Fork for cold cuts (rowan)


Fork for cold cuts (birch)


Wooden spoon (rowan, sized S)


Long wooden spoon (rowan, sized S)


Wooden spoon (rowan, sized M)


Wooden spoon (rowan, sized L)


Cheese mold (oak, sized M)


Cheese mold (oak, sized L)


"Moose" Cheese slicer (reindeer antler)


"Moose" Bottle opener (reindeer antler)


Bottle opener (reindeer antler, sized S)


Bottle opener (reindeer antler, sized M)


Bottle opener (reindeer antler, size L)


Tube pincher (birch)


Coasters for drinking glasses "Moose", 4 pcs set (birch)


Coasters for drinking glasses "Reindeer", 4 pcs set (birch)