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Cutting board (juniper, sized L)


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Wooden cutting boards are simply the best. Order your cutting board and be a master chef!  

Finnish juniper is one of the more prestigious FInnish wood materials. When you utilize this cutting board, a mild and a pleasant scent of wood lingers in your kitchen. 

A wooden cutting board is every chef's number one choice. It keeps your knives sharp, it has a long life when maintained correctly and it has anti-bacterial attributes. Remember to take good care of your wooden cutting board: never wash it in an electric dishwasher, wash by hand both sides as the board may curl up if washed only from one side, rinse and dry.   

This large cutting board measures 21 cm x 30 cm. Jäskepuu's juniper cutting boards are available in two sizes. 

In orders exceeding 10 items please contact us about a package deal: juha@jaskepuu.fi