The genuine Lapland guksis are wooden drinking cups – the perfect gift for your friend or your relative, and they are also a great Finnish souvenir. Order now!

The guksi is an all-natural, traditionally Northern, wooden drinking cup! All our guksis are hand-made in Finland, and the manufacturing process is a traditional and a respectful one. 

The guksi, in Finnish language "kuksa", is a hand-carved wooden cup, manufactured from Finnish birch burl, a distinctive wood material. A deformed burl sometimes forms in the tree-trunk – the burl is a much sought after wood material among artists, furniture makers and wood sculptors, because it is a tough yet easily workable material with a beautiful and uncommon wood grain. The guksis, the traditional wooden drinking cups from the indigenous Sami people from the Scandinavian Lapland, are traditionally made from birch burl, and we in Jäskepuu are sticking firmly into that tradition!

Jäskepuu guksis come in different sizes

Jäskepuu has a wide selection of guksis for sale, from small schnapps mugs to larger guksis suitable for coffee or beverages. We also have reindeer antler -decorated guksis for sale – these are an especially prestigious presents, very suitable for business gifts as well as souvenirs from Finland. All our guksis definitely contain a little portion of authentic Lapland's magic!

Brand your guksi individually

What could be a more perfect gift and a souvenir from Finland which the receiver of the gift will cherish forever, than an individually name-branded guksi? When placing you order for guksis, there's the possibility to include a name, which will then be branded in the side of the guksi. A perfect present, we think!

Guksis as outdoor equipment

Guksis are nowadays much utilised among trekkers and hikers as drinking cups. First and foremost, they add some natural charm to your hiking equipment, because of their cool looks and wooden material. Secondly, they are easily carried with among other hiking gear, as they don't weigh as much as glass containers and come equipped with a leather strap, with which they are easily attached to your back pack. They won't break if accidentally fallen in the ground and they won't melt and deform in the sun, unlike plastic cups. Thirdly, they are easily kept clean – just rinse your guksi with fresh clean water after use. Don't use detergents as they might affect the wooden surface. Fourthly, their distinctive handle with two finger holes creates the perfect grip – without burning your fingers agains the hot cup surface! Handy, we say!

Many outdoor enthusiasts think that guksi is the only choice for a coffee cup in the middle of the nature. Nothing beats sitting down for a breather in the middle of your hike, cooking a pot of hot open-fire coffee and enjoying the refreshing drink from your wooden guksi!

The guksi is an ecological design gift 

Our guksis, in addition to being top-notch Nordic design items, are an ecological choice – the material is top-notch Finnish birch, and the guksis are hand-made without additives in Finland. It doesn't get more local, eco-friendly and trendy than this!