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Guksi "Finland" with reindeer antler handle (size M)


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This Lapland guksi is carved from birch burl and finalized with a handle made of reindeer antler and "Finland" text bradning. A wonderful gift – buy now!

A guksi, in Finnish "Kuksa", is a traditional Nordic drinking cup, originally used by the Sami people in Lapland. As the tradition dictates, our guksis are carved from birch burl. The guksi is a genuine natural product, spawn from the most beautiful Nordic nature and shaped by the Northern lights and the midnight sun. This guksi is polished with a handle made of reindeer antler. The spoon, also made from reindeer antler, is finalized with "Finland" text carving.

The guksi is nowadays utilized usually as a drinking cup on nature treks, as they are easily kept clean and of course add natural charm to your trip in the nature. Therefore a guksi is a great present for your outdoor-loving friend. 

Disclaimer: rinse the guksi with clean water after use, don't use detergents or wash the guksi in a dishwasher. 

This smaller guksi's volume is about 1 desiliters. The Jäskepuu guksis are available in two sizes, the bigger guksi's volume being around 2 desiliters. Along with the guksi you'll receive an owner's manual.

Individual name carving +5 € / name. Please write the name in the additional information column, when placing your order.  

In orders exceeding 10 items, please contact us about a package deal: juha@jaskepuu.fi