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The card holder is enforced with stainless steel and finalized with a "Helsinki Finland" text. Made from Finnish curly birch: an impressive souvenir. Buy now!

The curly birch, a variant of the common birch endemic to Finnish Karelia, is maybe the most beautiful of all Finnish wood materials. The wood rings are in an unregular orientation, which gives the material a fierce look. We think a business card holder, being an everyday accessory, should look fantastic, and this combo of curly birch and stainless steel sure does! 

Buy for yourself, to a friend as a souvenir or to a business partner – the business card holder is always a useful gift. The "Helsinki Finland" text branding gives this products the final touch!

Individual name branding: +5 € / name. Please write the name in the additional information column, when placing your order.  

In orders exceeding 10 items, please contact us about a package deal: juha@jaskepuu.fi