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Shot mug (soapstone)


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Let's enjoy ice cold shots from a soapstone mug! These cool design mugs look great in the kitchen. Order now!

The soapstone is a  type of rock, mined also in Finland. As the denomination hints, soapstone is a relatively soft type of stone, and it is therefore vastly utilized in design and home decor. In our opinion this shot mug has much more swagger than your standard shot glass. Additionally, the soapstone remains extremely cold for a long period of time. Put the shot mugs in the freezer prior to serving drinks, and they remain cold for a long time. Ice cold shots for everyone! 

All our soapstone products are washable in the dishwasher. The shot mugs are sold in packages of two, and they are delivered in a fabulous wooden gift box. 

In orders exceeding 10 items, please contact us about a package deal: juha@jaskepuu.fi