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Guksi with name branding – a perfect present

Ordering a personified "kuksa" cup is easy

Get your Finnish souvenirs, such as guksis with individual branding from Jäskepuu. A personified gift is a memorable one!

We had a chat with Janne Stude, who along with his family has utilised our individual name branding services, and has on many occasions ordered personified guksis, the traditional Laplandish wooden cups (in Finnish "kuksa) as presents for friends and relatives. Here's what Janne has to say about these personified guksis. 

Q: You and your family have ordered personified guksis as presents. Can You share with us, to whom have You given these products? 

A: We have ordered guksis for ourselves, as we are outdoor lovers, but also for our International friends. We have a wide circle of friends, among them many expats and friend from abroad. The latest such occasion was, when we bought a guksi with name branding  as a departing gift to an exchange student, who spent a few weeks with our family.

Q: Please tell more. This sounds very interesting!

A: We received an exchange student from Germany through our son's school program last winter. We organised a day out in the Nuuksio national park together, and in this occasion gave him a guksi. He told us this day was the high point of his whole exchange period. I'm sure it left him a lasting memory of his time in Finland. 

Q: How did You originally come up with the idea of ordering personified guksis?

A: We rather spend our money in high-quality, hand-made Finnish products, than buy some kitsch from a souvenir shop. Besides, a guksa as an item lasts forever. 

Q: This is correct! When maintained properly, a Finnish birch burl guksi lasts a lifetime. When ordering a guksi from Jäskepuu, the customer gets a user's manual along with the product. What thoughts do You have about this? 

A: The manual is written in multiple languages, which of course is a big plus. The fact the manual is included in the package, makes it easier to give the guksi as a present to someone not familiar with the product or the Finnish language. 

Q: What have the recipients thought about the guksis?

A: Our expat friend hold those in high regard. They are Finnish traditional products, and as the guksis are branded with their names, of course they are a unique gift.

Q: What kind of a process is it to order a guksi with name branding? 

A: Placing an order has always been quick and easy. Usually I have contacted the merchant directly via an e-mail. The delivery has also always been fast. 

Q: Can You put to words, what is the most fascinating thing in giving a guksi as a present?

A: A lot of non-Finnish people have never even seen a guksi. A lot of languages don't even have a word for this wooden kuksa cup. So naturally the products itself is an exiting one, and the name branding makes it a personal gift, which one wants to hold on to for a long time. And guksis also carry a story about Finnish nature and the wilderness.  

Q: Has the next guksi order already been placed, as we have this conversation?

A: Not right now, since because of the international situation, not a lot of expats are in the country for the time being. But the guksi is also a great present to a person abroad, when we finally get to travel again.