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Cutting board large, tarred alder


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A cutting board made of tar wood is an excellent choice for your own kitchen or as a gift for a friend. This natural and ecological product offers not only a practical tool, but also a genuine closeness to nature in your home. Get your own tarred cutting board now from Jäskepuu!

Tar alder comes from our native forests and is known for its strong structure and durability. This chopping board brings not only practicality but also its distinctive, woodsy scent, creating an atmosphere in your kitchen and a connection to nature.

The wooden chopping board is an absolute choice for every home cook. Not only will it keep your knives sharp for a long time, it is also an environmentally friendly choice. Studies have shown that a wooden chopping board is a much more hygienic option compared to plastic alternatives. Remember to look after your cutting board properly to keep it in good condition: rinse it thoroughly on both sides after use and wipe with a damp cloth. Do not wash the board in the dishwasher to ensure its long life.

Buy a tarwood chopping board from Jäskepuu and bring natural beauty and durability to your kitchen while making an ecological choice. This cutting board is not only practical, but also an eye-pleasing addition to your kitchen and a great gift idea for a friend. Choose nature, choose tar wood!

A stunning solid cutting board, made in the traditional "meatloaf" branch board style. Size 33 x 23 / 4 cm ( width/depth/thickness ) , material oiled tar alder.

For orders over 10 pieces ask us for a package offer by e-mail: juha@jaskepuu.fi